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How to Become A Successful Blogger in 2016?

Sufyan Hacker (Author)

Successful bloggers? how to be a successful blogger? Can I become a successful blogger and famous with many visitors every day?

That's the question very often complained bloggers beginners who just moved. However, such a question would be motivation for us in the success of any business or hobby online blog we will. Of course, the success of a blogger was influenced by many factors. However, the main obstacle factor and that makes us a blogger failed is LAZY.

How come?

Well, a successful blog is obtained when you are being personally diligent, persevering create useful content to visitors. Just imagine, if your blog only to have some content, of course, this would be a bad rating for your blog. The visitor is more like the blog that is always updated with high quality article content. Therefore shun slacker attitude for those who have a lazy nature. As this is the starting point be a good blogger in order to be successful in the world of blogging.


Do you already have a blog? Do you get a lot of visitors to the blog? Do you not know how to promote your blog? Or perhaps do not know how to drive traffic to your blog? The extent to which you are striving to promote the blog?
Sufyan Hacker

How to Become A Successfull Blogger?

Title of the article is 'How to Become a Successful Blogger?' Probably greatly exaggerated title of your ears, but I am going to maybe just a little bit but the tips below ways impossible to trap you or trick you. Because I just wanted to share tips and tricks that I follow as a novice blogger. So please be addressed properly.

Therefore, here I write a successful blog article in "1001 tips on how to become a successful blogger". If you listen to and follow the rules in this article properly, you will definitely make a successful blog and will eventually become a successful blogger too.

1. Provide quality content to readers. Quality content judged by how well you define your ideas to the reader. Do not copy other people's blog content (copy and paste) and posted on your blog.

2. Be honest with your audience. If an honest would have believed. While getting the trust is not easy. Likewise with ngelog, you should avoid words that are 'deceiving or trapping' your reader with writing that is not at all beneficial. Hope you do not get stuck with the title in this article. : p

3. Routine update your blog. if you do not update your blog, your blog readers will surely move to another heart another blog. Blog readers will be loyal visit, when they get what they want.

4. Successful Blogging will take a lot of your time. If you are (beginner) want to get more visitors to your blog, you should be prepared to blog every day.

5. If you get a good reputation from your readers, then your readers will do more to promote your blog to share your content to their friends on social media. It is very nice to be a successful blog. See the article on the "How to get a lot of visitors Blog".

6. If you use wordpress, blog ping services that are already available.

For blogger.com, we have to ping your blog using pingomatic.com or the other, once you update your blog. See also article 11 Best Blog Site Ping your blog that quickly indexed in major search engines.

7. Use the "Tagline" for your blog. Mention your blog wherever, for example by the way: put it when commenting on other people's blogs, forums etc. Consider also 20 list of high PR DoFollow Forum.

8. Do not forget to participate in the blogging community. The community can from facebook, forums, question and answer sites, etc. Find the list

9. To be able to dominate the first page of search engines, you should look for keywords that is targeted to your blog. For that do keyword research is the one and only. If you want to research a keyword kw can use tools / best research tools I choice below,

10. Avoid using the Keyword / Key word "Click Here" in the anchor text of your post. Often use certain key words to increase the value (increase pageviews, and reduce bounce rate) of the "Keyword" to direct visitors to the blog.

11. Use the webmaster tools / Search console to submit your blog to the search engine Google.

12. Submit your blog to web / blog directories. Do not forget to add a description of your blog in blog directories in order to get targeted visitors. For that see also 100 List of Sites / Blogs Dofollow which has a high Page Rank.

13. Create a good relationship with other fellow bloggers. In the next stage, you can ask them to exchange links. Can be a text link, or better yet the image / banner posted on their blog. However, they must be the same blog topic / her niche with your blog.

14. Make a blog Informative and focus on a single topic. Blogs that discuss certain topics tend to be more preferable than a niche blog readers gado gado. Then if you monetasi blog with AdSense or other then your chances of getting money from the blog will grow even greater.

Last Words...
That is a complete guide on how to become a successful blogger that has been proved as a Newbie blogger. If you follow the tips and tricks blog success well above will inevitably produce what you want. But the main thing that should be kept is still the focus, spirit, and keep learning. Connect with other fellow bloggers and create content that can provide more benefits to the reader. If there are tips and other ways that I have to say please pass me by posting comments. Thank you

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