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How to verify alexa on Blogger & wordpress

Today you can learn in this Seo post, How to verify your Alexa on Blogger/Wordpress site.OR How do I claim and Certify a Blogger & WordPres site. What is alexa Rank? How to verify alexa? How you can improve it?
First You Can Know about Introduction and Defination of alexa.
What is alexa rank?
Alexa.com is a professional site which provides the ranking data to each website or page on the internet on the fundamental of traffics they receive.
The rank of alexa is also be called as Traffic Rank.It is created at 1996. Alexa is a seo tool which adjust website traffics and decides which website is on which number according to the traffic which each website receives. Alexa updates its robots and servers daily on 12 AM.There are 31 millions+ websites are included on alexa,in which alexa provide there ranks or data on internet. The Top One rank on alexa is google second one is Facebook third one is Yahoo Search Engine, Fourh one Youtube and  continuously so on etc.The Website ComputerUstaad on alexa rank at 500 numbers.This is very Good Alexa Rank. You can check any website alexa rank on alexa.com site.
Procedure of Verification on alexa:
The Practical Procedure to verify or submit your site on alexa is described in the below video. But I Manually verify or add your site on alexa.
  1. First go on alexa and create an account.
  2. Alexa send the Confirm Email Messege on your Given Email Account.
  3. You can Confirm it by opening the email and clicking the link.
  4. When Click the link where alexa send a  message on your Confirm Email.
  5. After that you can go to the alexa site Page.
  6. The Page is setting about Your Password.You can create just a password.
  7. Now you can go to the site submission page.
  8. You can view some Packages in alexa.
  9. If you verify your site on alexa you can go to the Upper side a search bar option which named as (Find).
  10. Paste your website link and click Find.
  11. Your site information is finded and new page is appeared.
  12. In new Page go to below section,you can see a button of
  13. “Add a Site”.Just Click this Button and you can go to
  14. the verification page.
The Methods of verification are as:
There are three methods to verify your website on alexa. Choose anyone Method,Verify it and After Verify your website is on alexa list.Verificaion method is described on this video in urdu and hindi.
Improving Alexa Rank
1)Install alexa Rank toolbar on your browser
2) Updating your site daily
3)Creating Backlinks of your site
4)Adding site in alexa list
5)Increase your traffic website on any tool,software,websites.
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