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How To Increase Blog Traffic Using Social Network.

social network
Today social network has become a powerful network to make popular website and blog.Many successful bloggers website has top positions in the search engines cause of this act.Because search engines looks backlinks ,domain authority,sharing position(when some body like your post and share it with other friends) and many things showing search results on the first page.in fact act of showing results in search engine based on backlinks if your site has large number of backlinks then it will be show at  top searches of  engine.Always share your blog post after posting  and boost your backlinks.
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Sharing is caring.

                                            A sentence of sharing is caring seams cute.But power of this sentence you don’t know.it is simple method to increase business and for the popularity of site.many top blogger are using it .And they are getting good response .Always share blog post on social networking sites like Facebook,Google plus,Twitter, pinterest and etc..These site are huge sites you can also use other site which are no bad.before 2010 ,2011 Google did not give importance facebook ,twitter and other networking site but after 2011 google is giving huge importance so always share post with friends  and say them for sharing.

Add share buttons.

                                                   If you  want that your site show at the top.Then sharing is necessary thing .And if you want that people,visitors share  your post then always add share buttons in the site.It is interesting to note that user does not do work hard for us because they want easy way for every thing.If you are thinking that user will come on your site and copy the web address and will post in social networking site .Then you totally wrong so always add buttons.in the next post I will show “how to add social buttons  in blog” so watch it necessary .

Connect social network profile .

                                                                                   Always connect Facebook,twitter and Google profile with blog or website.It can play a vital role in the popularity of your site. for example, you have a Facebook account and you  profile on the site when somebody comes to your site and  watch your social profile  . I hopefully can say that he wants to contact you .Because visitors have lots of questions for getting the answers if you give an answer to the  users question. Then he will become a fan of you.user will like your site and he will visit your site again and again.

Add a site in fan pages and groups.

                                                             Making fan page and group is great opportunity to boost your business .This act gives advantages that you can make a platform for discussion on your blog to share your posts,for advertisement and  etc..

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