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How to add contact us page in blogger

How to add contact us page in blogger

contact us

The page of contact us is very important for your site.It can play a vital role in the development of your site.If you add it in the site your site will consider as reliable .Because people can contact with you they can ask questions with you they can take your services through this.The one of the biggest advantage is that people and users can trust.It is good for SEO.Google gives very importance to this act because Google also considers this best. In addition ,I will say you can increase your business to this page
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Increase business.

                                                As I was saying in the top that you can increase your business with minor platform .For example, you are  SEO expert you want to provide services on the internet user also want to take your services ,but the important question is it that how can user contact you ? in this case you can use it . With this page user can contact you without hurdles or difficulties.

How to set .

1.General setting

                              In first of all go to http://www.foxyform.com/  and select you fields I mean, if you want that the user send his information by mail like name ,website,mail subject  and itself..you can allow them to use  required field  options.just check the requires field box which you want  to allow.
contact us

2. Advanced setting

                                In this step you can do customization of your contact us form look.you can change background color.font color,font size  font .if you want to change background color, then click on colours and choose color and copy favorite color code and paste in the bar .

3.Target e-mail address.

                                                 Write your  email address where you want to receive users’ mails .Always give your original email address .
After doing  all things write  captcha code in the bar and click on the verify .they will give you an html script copy script and paste into the box.Then click on the create formular.They will give again html SCRIPT copy code.

Create contact us page in the blog.

                                                               Go to blogger dashboard     >click on pages>create new page write post everything which you want then go into the post html paste code which you get after clicking on create formular and publish it then you will get a beautiful and decent box for contact and order.

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