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Free download 1000 Hacking Tutorials Leaked

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Hi Mates This is an Nice Collection of Hacking Learning Materials that helps you in boosting your hacking learning skills ...Mustdownload And remember this is for educational purpose only "Hack To Protect" As simples it sounds like :).
This package Contains some blazing contents as listed below which really nice.If you need any more help do comment below i will surely answer as soon as possible.also make share of Darksite and help others to learn.Its My 300 th post SO Hope We Will post many more articles Need Continuous Supports from you all love you all...

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Book Contents 
How To Add An Option To Print, the Contents of a Folder!.txt
How To Add Your Own Windows Tips.txt
How to Back Up the Registry.txt
How To Backup Ps2 Games.txt
How To Block Websties Without Software, block websites.txt
How To Boot Xp Faster (updated).txt
How to build a black box.txt
how to burn quicker in windows xp.txt
How to Bypass BIOS Passwords.txt
How To Bypass Web Filters, tutorial.txt
How To Change A Cmos Battery.txt
How to change the serial number used in Windows XP, Valid for XP Corporate.txt
How To Change Thumbnail Size And Quality.txt
How to clear Bios info 2.txt
How to clear Bios info.txt
How To Convert File System, fat - fat32 to ntfs.txt
How To Copy A Dvd Which Will Play On A X Box.txt
How to copy songs from your iPod to your PC.txt
How To Customise Your start Button.txt
How To Delete Those Persistent Nasty Files.txt 0.53 kB
How To Directly Go To Inbox, Write Msg, w Hotmail, no need for How to find MP3's real quickly.txt 0.35
How To Find Serial Numbers On Google.txt 0.79 kB
How to fix corrupted files in XP.txt 1.48 kB
How to fix Windows Installer problem.txt 0.96 kB
How To Get A Free I-pod Or Flat Screen Tv, check it out.txt 6.62 kB
How to Get someones ISP password, Get free internet.txt 2.65 kB
How To Get Top Ranking, Search Engines.txt 6.58 kB
How To Hack Windows Xp Admin Passwords.txt 2.52 kB
How to hack-change your Windows XP Boot Screen.txt 1.52 kB
how To Hide Yourself From Network Users!, And give access to only specific users!.txt 0.86 kB
How To Make An Animted Logo.txt 5.26 kB
How To Make Free Phone Calls.txt 2.29 kB
How to make key generators.txt 8.83 kB
How To Make Perfect Copies Of Maxis The Sims Discs, CloneCD Style!.txt 1.17 kB
How To Make XP Go Faster.txt 5.58 kB
How To make your own Radio Station 2.txt 3.26 kB
How To Make Your Own Radio Station.txt 1.58 kB
How to Remove DRM Protection for Video Files.txt 2.29 kB
How To Remove Ms Java Vm And Install Sun Java.txt 0.05 kB
How To Remove Signin Details Of Msn Passport.txt 1.04 kB
How To Remove The Default Admin$ Shares.txt 1.03 kB
How to remove the Links folder in IE Favorites.txt 0.59 kB
How to Remove WinXP Splash and See Operations.txt 1.19 kB
How To Rename Extensions With Ease, with a Renamer.bat file!.txt 0.44 kB
How to Rename File Extensions.txt 3.11 kB
How To Rename Multiple Files In Winxp.txt 0.56 kB
How To Restrict Login Hours Allowed.txt 0.58 kB
How to safeguard your files when computer crashes.txt 2.94 kB
How to save Windows xp updates.txt 0.63 kB
how to search google for RAPIDSHARE links.txt 0.98 kB
How To See Hidden Files, Using Dos.txt 0.08 kB
How To Set search For All Files In Winxp.txt 0.71 kB
How to set up a http server running from you computer.txt 3.06 kB
How To Set Up A Proxy In Flashget, As Requested.txt 0.66 kB
How to set up a server with Apache , PHP , MySQL , Perl , phpMyAdmin.txt 8.77 kB
How To Set Up Direct Connect.txt 26.96 kB
How To Set Up Proxies In Your Browser.txt 1.63 kB
How To Set Zone Alarm Settings!, Fix for ZA ports.txt 2.12 kB
How To Setup Your Own Dns (Domain Name Server).txt 6.97 kB
How To Speed Up A Slow Computer.txt 1.21 kB
How To Speed Up Http Requests On Internet Explorer, as above.txt 1.28 kB
How To Stop Spam.txt 8.05 kB
How to swear in all languages.txt 28.32 kB
How To Unload Cached Dll Files To Free Memory.txt 0.56 kB
How to Use and How to Chain Multiple Proxies!.txt 9.70 kB
How To Use File Compression In Windows Xp.txt 4.19 kB
How To Use Google To Download Mp3's, and applications.....txt 0.60 kB
How To Use Newsgroups.txt 0.56 kB
How To Use You Gmail With Msn Messenger.txt 0.37 kB
How-to Get Videos And Dvds Onto Your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) for free.txt 12.91 kB
HOWTO Change Windows XP Home to Windows XP Pro.txt 1.67 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/A Basic UNIX Overview.rtf 22.46 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO Hacking Unix.txt 6.05 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/A Novice's Guide to Hacking 2004.txt 40.75 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/A Novice's Guide To Hacking.txt 8.58 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/A Short HACKER SPEAK Glossary.txt 9.78 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/A simple TCP spoofing attack.txt 14.60 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Accessing the bindery files directly.txt 3.97 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/An Architectural Overview of UNIX Network Security.htm 53.27 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Anonymity complete GUIDE.rtf 28.90 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/ANONYMOUS emails.txt 3.15 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Anonymous FTP FAQ.htm 28.14 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/ANSIBombs II Tips And Techniques.txt 10.05 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/attacks on networks how to stop.htm 67.77 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Backdoor.txt 18.71 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Backdoors.txt 19.15 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/BBS CRASHING TECHNIQUES.txt 3.72 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Bust Avoidance For ~censored~.txt 5.82 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Firewall Protection how to.rtf 33.12 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Guide to Hacking with sub7.doc 106.00 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/hacking and phreaking.doc 168.00 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Hacking for Dummies Volume 2.doc 147.00 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Hacking For Newbies.doc 54.00 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/hacking in telnet ftp.rtf 57.47 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/hacking on Telnet explained.doc 16.25 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Hacking On XP 1-5/hacking on XP part 1.doc 4.58 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Hacking On XP 1-5/hacking on XP part 2.doc 8.25 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Hacking On XP 1-5/hacking on XP part 3.doc 4.51 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Hacking On XP 1-5/hacking on XP part 4.doc 0.00 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Hacking On XP 1-5/hacking on XP part 5.doc 0.00 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/hacking password protected site.doc 26.50 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Hacking Password Protected Website's.doc 3.06 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/hacking passwords.doc 26.50 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/How to learn to hack in easy steps.doc 100.00 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/How to use the Web to look up information on hacking.doc 16.28 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/IP how to.rtf 5.15 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/NetBios explained.doc 26.68 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Proxy how to.rtf 3.13 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Routing Basics.pdf 30.25 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/telnet trick port 25.doc 1.76 kB
New Hacking Ebooks/Yahoo Chat Commands how to.rtf 0.93 kB
New Pc Or New Motherboard.txt 3.77 kB
New Way To Relive Some Zinio File.txt 1.95 kB
Phreaking/2600 Hertz Single Tone Generator Schematic.txt 1.95 kB
Phreaking/A List of every TeleNet code that there is.txt 1.96 kB
Phreaking/A List Of Government BBS Numbers.txt 13.07 kB
Phreaking/An Extensive Guide to Bell System Man Holes.txt 10.10 kB
Phreaking/An Introduction into TeleScan.txt 3.98 kB
Phreaking/An Introductory Guide To TeleNet Commands.txt 2.20 kB
Phreaking/Area Codes and Time Zones.txt 4.90 kB
Phreaking/Becoming A Phreaker - The Quick n' Easy Way.txt 17.09 kB
Phreaking/Bell Hell Volume #1.txt 10.29 kB
Phreaking/Bell Hell Volume #2.txt 15.92 kB
Phreaking/Breaker B0X.txt 1.96 kB
Phreaking/busybox.txt 1.61 kB
Phreaking/Cellular Listening with a TV .txt 1.96 kB
Phreaking/Cellular Telephone Phreaking Phile Series VOL 1.txt 10.00 kB
Phreaking/Drake's Phreaking Tutorial.txt 3.34 kB
Phreaking/Hacking VoiceMail Systems.txt 25.89 kB
Phreaking/How BT phone cards works.txt 4.18 kB
Phreaking/How Phone Phreaks are Caught.txt 12.00 kB
Phreaking/How to Bill All Of your Fone Calls To Some Poor, Unsuspecting.txt 11.38 kB
Phreaking/How to make a Free Phone Call.txt 2.16 kB
Phreaking/How to Put an End to Unwanted or Harassing Phone Calls.HAR 12.10 kB
Phreaking/Phone Systems Tutorial by The Jolly Roger.txt 8.68 kB
Phreaking/Phreakers Handbook.txt 9.83 kB
Phreaking/Quick Phone Modifications.txt 4.12 kB
Phreaking/The ABC's of Payphones part 1.txt 2.58 kB
Phreaking/The ABC's of Payphones part 2.txt 2.12 kB
Phreaking/The ABC's of Payphones part 3.txt 2.21 kB
Phreaking/The ABC's of Payphones part 4.txt 2.64 kB
Phreaking/ThE Beige BoX .txt 6.23 kB
Phreaking/The History of British Phreaking.htm 8.29 kB
Phreaking/The M.M.C. Guide to Hacking, Phreaking, Carding.txt 19.11 kB
Phreaking/The Moterola Bible.txt 116.99 kB
Phreaking/The Myth of the 2600Hz Detector .txt 6.55 kB
Phreaking/The Official Phreaker's Manual.txt 499.25 kB
Phreaking/The Phreakers Handbook-1.txt 62.87 kB
Phreaking/The Telephone Works.txt 9.25 kB
Phreaking/The Ultimate Phreaking Guide .txt 1.96 kB
Phreaking/Understanding the Telephone System.txt 16.34 kB
Phreaking/Zen and the Art of Fone Phreaking `97 .txt 66.74 kB
Tutorials - Number Systems.html 7.78 kB
Tutorials - C Socket Programming In Unix For Newbies.txt 21.50 kB
Tutorials - of am 3mp33j3w.txt 18.64 kB
Tutorials - File Programming.txt 41.70 kB
Tutorials - LOGIC GATES.html 14.04 kB
Tutorials - Tutorial By Clayman.html 23.77 kB
Tutorials - A Simple Hit Counter In PHP.html 8.77 kB
Tutorials - A Simple Search Engine In PHP.html 9.62 kB

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Latest Google Hacking dorks useful

Posted by Sufyan Hacker  |  at  09:49:00

Hello these are the few latest google dorks that i found on internet..
i am sure this will be helpful to you

Useful Google dorks DOWNLOAD NOW! CLICK HERE

Date Title Category
 inurl:/cgi-bin/makecgi-pro =>>Various Online Devices
 "My RoboForm Data" "index of" =>>Files containing passwords
 allintitle:"UniMep Station Controller" =>>Various Online Devices
filetype:php inurl:tiki-index.php +sirius +1.9.* =>>Vulnerable Servers
 filetype:old (define)(DB_USER|DB_PASS|DB_NAME) =>>Files containing juicyinfo
 filetype:old (mysql_connect) () =>>Files containing juicyinfo
 filetype:php inanchor:c99 inurl:c99 intitle:c99she...=>>Vulnerable Servers
 inurl:"trace.axd" ext:axd "Applicat... =>>Files containing juicyinfo
 inurl:"/includes/config.php" =>>Files containing juicyinfo
  intitle:index.of? =>>Files containing juicyinfo

Hope you all will like this and please share if this information..Thank you for reading



How to Install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Windows PC (Full Step by Step Tutorial)

Posted by Sufyan Hacker  |  at  02:38:00


This tutorial explains in a detailed 26 easy step-by-step procedure on how to install Android 4.3 on PC using VirtualBox.

This tutorial is created by me. I have really worked hard on this post as I do in every other post so I have one request. Please show your appreciation by not stealing this post and do not copying it as is without giving me the credit for it. I would really appreciate it. Thank You!

  1. Oracle VM VirtualBox Download the latest version of VirtualBox from 
  2. Android x86 4.3 Image Download the Android 4.3 image from 
  3. Alternative link to Android image
  4. Another alternative link to Android image!bQUUAZZS!KjeYWaVxLF8kL4duc0aU7boyzPecz1EKSgWNys35ycg
  5. Install VirtualBox latest version from the link given above and open VirtualBox.
description heredescription here 
Step 1: Open VirtualBox and select New.
Step 2: In the dialogue box enter the name as you wish and Select type as Linux and version as other and click Next.
Step 3: Enter the amount of ram you would like to allot for the virtual machine and click Next . Android 4.3 requires at least 1 GB of ram but its not necessary.
Step 4: In the next window select Create a virtual hard disk and click Create.
Step 5: Then select VDI and click Next
Step 6: In the next window, According to your space requirement you can either select dynamically allocated or fixed size for your storage space . I selected fixed size because I wanted to allocate only 4 GB of storage space to android .
Step 7: Select storage space (Minimum 1 GB required for Jelly Bean)
Step 8: Click on  the settings button in VirtualBox .
Step 9: Select System and under Motherboard tab select Floppy and untick mark the Floppy option. Using the down arrow key move the Floppy below Hard Disk.
Step 10: Select Storage, below the storage tree select empty.
Step 11: Click on the disk image and select  choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file.
Step 12: Select the android 4.3 .ISO image and click Open. Check the Live CD/DVD box and click Ok .
Step 13: Click Start to start the Setup.
Step 14: In the screen select Install Android-x86 to hard disk.
Step 14: Select Create/Modify Partition.
Step 15: Select New using your keyboard arrow keys.
Step 16: Select Primary press Enter.
Step 17: Select Bootable and press Enter to make the drive bootable.
Step 18: Select Write and press Enter
Step 19: Using your keyboard type the word Yes and press Enter.
Step 20: Select Quit and press Enter.
Step 21: Choose sda1 Linux and press OK.
Step 22: Select ext3 and press OK.
Step 23: Select Yes.
Step 24: When prompted to install grub loader select Yes.
Step 25: Select Yes.
Wait for it...

Step 26: Select Machine option on VirtualBox and click on Disable Mouse Integration while Android loads.
Select your language and follow the screen to set-up your Gmail account to your Android among other things.
Voilà! Now you have successfully installed Android 4.3 on your windows computer


How To Compress Large Files Using Winrar

Posted by Sufyan Hacker  |  at  02:31:00


Do you wish to compress files so that it can transfer easily between storage devices, or when you want to upload it to an email or how about when you just want to save precious hard drive space when storing files.Well, now you can just do that.

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. You can download the trial version of the software at 

To compress large file using Winrar follow simple steps given below:

Step 1: Select and Right click on the file you want to Compress and select Add to Archiveoption.


Step 2: A window will pop up with various options. In Archive name field type the name of your archive manually in the text box provided below.

Step 3: When creating a new archive, you first need to select the archive format. ZIP is preferable when you are not sure that a receiver of your archive has WinRAR. Otherwise just select RAR, since it provides more options and higher compression.

Step 4: There are six compression methods supported: "Store", "Fastest", "Fast", " Normal", "Good" and "Best". The Best method provides high, but slow compression. Fastest method compresses poorly, but it is very fast. Store method just merges files into an archive without any compression. If you want to create an archive for distribution or for long storage, It would be best to probably ignore the time constraint and choose the Best compression method to reduce the size as much as possible. But for daily backups choose Normal compression method.

Step 5: At the bottom there is a Tab saying “Split to Volume, Bytes” In the box enter a figure or you can use the drop down menu to make your choice. Remember you have to enter the value in bytes, kilobytes or megabytes and this applies only to .rar extension. (1024 KB equals 1 MB)
In the example below, I have chosen 98078 KB which comes to around 95.77 MB.

Step 6: When you have chosen the right options for your archive, click the OK button.
(In my example below, the video file I had chosen was compressed into three parts comprising of 95.7 MB each)


How to compress large files into a very small size ?

Posted by Sufyan Hacker  |  at  02:30:00

If you want to compress a large data into small size, then here is a tool for you.
Using KGB Archiver tool, you can compress a file of size 1GB into 10MB easily.

KGB Archiver a tool similiar to other compression tools like 7zip and UHARC having an unbelievably very high compression rate. It can compress your data upto 100 times i.e. You can compress a 1 GB file into 10 MB very easily.

It is an Open Source tool, available for free of cost. This amazing tool uses AES-256 encryption which is one of the strongest encryption known ever to compress archives as well as decompress archives.
Its minimum hardware requirement are 1.5 GHz processor and 256MB of RAM.

Click this button to start download >>

With the amazing high compression power as well as very accurate results of this tool, there is no loss of data during compression.


How to compress large files to small size????

Posted by Sufyan Hacker  |  at  02:27:00

السلام علیکم 
دوستو بڑی فائل کو ون رار کے ذریعے کیسے ہائیلی کمپریس کیا جاتا ہے آج کا یہ ٹوٹوریل اسی سے معتعلق ہے ہائیلی کمپریس کرنے کے لیے سب سے پہلے آپ کو اپنے پی سی پر جتنے پروگرا م رن ہیں وہ سب کلوز کر دیں اور سسٹم کو بالکل فری کر دیں پھر ون رار اوپن کریں ٹاسک مینیجر میں جا کر اس کی پریورٹی کو ریل ٹائم پر کردیں اس کے لیے آپ کے پاس ون رار کا فل ورژن ہونا ضروری ہے 
ٹرائل بھی کا م کرتا ہے پر کبھی کبھی ٹھیک سے کمپریس نہیں کرتا
ٹاسک مینجر کو بند کر دیں اور ون رار کو اوپن رہنے دیں 
سکرین شوٹ چیک کریں سارا طریقہ اس کے ذریعے بتا دیا ہے
امید کرتا ہوں کہ آپ کو یہ ٹوٹوریل پسند آئے گا


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