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How to Use Your Top Followers App on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you can use a small application, or app, to track the top followers on your page. Top followers are the friends who have the most interaction with your page, such as customers who post a lot of comments and people who "Like" the most entries. Facebook offers various "top followers" apps including My Top Fans, Top Followers and Top 10 Followers. After you have a top followers app installed, understand how to use it so you can utilize this information for your own business purposes.

My Top Fans

Step 1
Log in to your Facebook account and install the "My Top Fans" app. Click the app under the Apps heading on your homepage.
Step 2
Click a button on the page, such as "Only Male Fans" or "Only Female Fans," to choose the type of information you want. This action generates a report that shows the names and profile page links of people that fit into the category you specified.
Step 3
Click a tab, such as "My Top Fans for Pages," to generate a list of your top followers on the Facebook pages linked to your account. You can also click additional features, such as "Pick My Fans," to track the interactions of specific people with this app.

Top Followers and Top 10 Followers

Step 1
Install the "Top Followers" or "Top 10 Followers" app, then click the link under the Apps heading on your Facebook homepage.
Step 2
Click the "Top Followers" or "Top 10 Followers" tab to get a list of names and profile links of people who interact with your page the most.
Step 3
Click additional features, such as "Who is Online," to display a list of people who are currently logged in to Facebook.


  • If you don't have a top followers app installed on Facebook, go the app's page to add it to your account. Type "Top Followers" in the search field, click the "See More Results for Top Followers" link at the bottom of the drop-down list and then click the "Go to App" button next to the title you want to install. Follow the prompts to grant the app permission to your Facebook account and then click the "Install" button to finish.

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