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Latest Google Hacking dorks useful

Hello these are the few latest google dorks that i found on internet..
i am sure this will be helpful to you

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Date Title Category
 inurl:/cgi-bin/makecgi-pro =>>Various Online Devices
 "My RoboForm Data" "index of" =>>Files containing passwords
 allintitle:"UniMep Station Controller" =>>Various Online Devices
filetype:php inurl:tiki-index.php +sirius +1.9.* =>>Vulnerable Servers
 filetype:old (define)(DB_USER|DB_PASS|DB_NAME) =>>Files containing juicyinfo
 filetype:old (mysql_connect) () =>>Files containing juicyinfo
 filetype:php inanchor:c99 inurl:c99 intitle:c99she...=>>Vulnerable Servers
 inurl:"trace.axd" ext:axd "Applicat... =>>Files containing juicyinfo
 inurl:"/includes/config.php" =>>Files containing juicyinfo
  intitle:index.of? configuration.php.zip =>>Files containing juicyinfo

Hope you all will like this and please share if this information..Thank you for reading


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